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Here is my second question that relates to the state of the world with comments by Guy Needler on how conspiracy theories affect us. How do we create our reality?

Question: David Icke could be called a professional conspiracy theorist. He talks about the “Saturn-Moon Matrix” used to manipulate the Earth and the collective human mind.

The artificially created rings of Saturn are the source of the signal, which is amplified and broadcast from the Moon to the human mind. Thus, we live in a Matrix within a virtual reality universe. Unless people become fully conscious, their minds are the Moon’s mind.
Previously, Needler said Saturn is not a real physical planet, but an image that cloaks the interfrequential portals used by entities to observe this solar system. He also said the Moon and the Earth were transported to their current location for the Earth experiment.
Is there “mind control” of humanity from these levels? How do we become free and sovereign beings individually and collectively?

Guy Needler’s Comment (Transcript):

“The answer to the first question answers this question (see How Do We Transcend The Powers That Be? – Big Picture Questions.com).

We break free by choosing to not be affected by it. We don’t get involved with conspiracy theory, we don’t gossip on it. We don’t get attracted to the thought that somebody else is controlling us, we simply choose to reject it.

We work on ourselves. We create our own reality, so to speak. We do create our own reality, and that’s part of the some of the information in “The Curators” (the book Needler is currently writing about the multitude of maintenance entities in our multiverse).

And we’re able to create a collective reality that’s associated with it, as like minded people work together. So we break free of it, from ANY form of control by simply refusing to be part of it, and we create our own reality.

We don’t get involved in it. We don’t see it. We don’t look at it on television. We don’t engage in communication or discourse or conversation with people, who go down that route. We simply choose to move away from this, so we’re in it, but not of it again, which is all part of it. So from that perspective, we are free individuals.

Going back to the first part, where he talks about the Saturn-Moon matrix. My understanding again is that Saturn is used as a portal, and it’s like a facade, so to speak. He talks about how it’s used to manipulate the Earth. Well, if you want to call it that, let us say that it does allow entities to come in, and work with us.

And you could classify it as manipulation, it just depends upon which side of the fence you’re looking at: Are these beings benevolent or malevolent? Do you want to think of them as malevolent, or do you want to think of them as benevolent? And so when we discuss things about Saturn being the facade for a interfrequential portal used by entities to observe the solar system, and work with us:

If you think they’re being malevolent, then you’ll go down the David Icke route, where they are creating problems with us and they are manipulating what we are.

If you think of them as being benevolent, then you’ll see that they’re trying to help us move on, by giving us ideas, thoughts, behaviors and actions, that are associated with higher frequency thoughts, behaviors and actions. And so it’s sort of the same thing, that your mind says:

Are you into conspiracy

or are you into trying to look into


bigger picture?

And that’s the difference between the two thought processes. So Icke is not too far away there in my understanding, although his thoughts are very low frequency in terms of what’s going on.

Now in terms of a reality, we do create our own realities, and actually, if you want to call it that, everything is a reality, isn’t it? Some people will think that the physical universe or the Earth is not a reality, but it is a reality. Everything is a reality—it’s not a virtual reality.

There’s no such thing as a virtual reality, because once you create something that people exist within mentally, that’s a reality—even if it’s within a computer. So all those people who say this is a virtual reality, because it’s not part of the physical reality—well, actually if people exist within it in their mental state, their consciousness, they put themselves in there, then that becomes a reality in its own right. So there’s no such thing as a virtual reality.

But everything around us that we create is a reality, because it’s what we want it to be.
We want a reality. Basically, it is what we want our environment to be for us and the individuals around us that we interact with. It should be what we want it to be as well,
so we create our own realities within a greater reality. Okay, so think of it in that sort of perspective.

Again we become free and sovereign beings by working on ourselves, working with our own realities, rather than somebody else’s reality.

The issue is to release ourselves from mind control of any sort, we have to work with our own reality, or you’re in somebody else’s reality. And so unless people become conscious of the fact, that they are living in somebody else’s reality, their minds are in the Moon’s mind, i.e. the Moon’s mind being somebody else’s reality, being David Icke’s reality and others like him.

So we have to think higher than that, think, behave and act higher than that, and that makes us become conscious of a greater reality, a higher level of functionality, and a higher frequential state as a result of it. We become higher frequency. The more we start to think, behave and act in a higher frequency way, the higher up the frequencies we go, the more functions we get, the more intuitively connected we become. Our communicative ability with our True Energetic Self and Source becomes stronger, and we get higher functions and higher frequency again, so we spiral upwards, so look at it in this perspective.

We have to think that there’s ways of describing things, so moving away is basically working on ourselves and creating a reality based upon what we want it to be, if we want to be totally aware and awake. So we should create an environment around ourselves, a reality around ourselves, where we can work on that, work with people of like mind, who aren’t interested in these conspiracies, or low frequency thoughts of this or that, or frightening or scare tactics. We move away from that.

So although we exist in a world that’s got it—it’s there, we accept that it’s there, but it’s like a TV channel that we don’t tune into, because we don’t want to. And then we work on another TV channel that we want to, because it’s creating what we want to do collectively, or individually, which makes us go higher up the frequencies.

So all of this, the whole lot, those two questions are all to do with us taking responsibility for ourselves, working on what we feel is right, and moving forwards with that feeling, creating our own reality, our own environment, and our own frequential progression. And not being stuck on or being linked into other people’s thoughts, behaviors and actions, because they pull us down to their levels. Or if you’re working with people of higher frequency, they pull us up to their levels.

I do feel that people, who are like David Icke, although they’re tapping into levels of truth,  they are looking at it from a very, very low frequency perspective. And I feel sorry for them, that they stick themselves in that position. But you know, they do make a living at it, and some people are attracted to them, and hopefully they are potentially a rung on the ladder as well. So they do have a role, and they do have the ability to help people move onwards and upwards. It’s just I hope people do use it as a rung on a ladder, and not the whole ladder itself.”

The Source has a word of encouragement for those on the spiritual path (“The Greater Reality Newsletter” February 2017):

“The Earth’s incarnate population is currently in a continued downward trend (a dip being a normal function of overall ascension) in its frequencies and as a result spiritual people are finding that their ability to be spiritual in their thoughts, behaviors and actions are difficult to maintain. Also, the understanding of certain “strange” events or decisions occurring on the global stage are causing confusion. When considering all things that are thought to be bizarre and un-spiritual I say to you all:

Be firm in your spiritual beliefs, turn them into certainties and not possibilities.  

Be calm, be in the physical and not of the physical.

Refuse to be drawn down by such low frequency actions and interactions and maintain your frequency in the process.

Choose detachment rather than attachment or interaction.

Know that you and your feelings are right and continue with your spiritual thoughts behaviors and actions.

Practice what you preach and know that you will maintain your frequency, increase the frequencies of others and evolve as a result.” – Source

“Stay Light, Be Light, Light the way for others.” – Guy Needler

Note: All emphasis and images are mine.