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Dolores Cannon Directly Connecting to the Higher Self

Dolores Cannon Directly Connecting to the Higher Self


Dolores Cannon‘s body of work rests on the knowledge that our minds are capable of anything. Dolores Cannon says that most people do not recognize how much power they have access to, as they are constantly working within the limitations placed upon them, by themselves or by others. Yet, Dolores believes that people are capable of great creation and healing, simply through the process of removing these limitations and believing in our own personal power. It is now time to reclaim these healing abilities that were commonplace in past generations, so that people can adapt and respond to the dramatic changes being experienced in the world, so that we can then move towards the creation of a New Earth.

Dolores’ therapeutic Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique uses the subconscious mind to heal the client.

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