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Dolores Cannon & Julia Cannon - Soul Speaks (The Moore Show)


Dolores Cannon & Julia Cannon - Soul Speaks (The Moore Show)

Julia Cannon is the author of ‘Soul Speaks’, a healer, teacher and the daughter of Dolores Cannon. Julia has written a book titled, “Soul Speaks” based on what she has learned from working alongside her mother, Dolores Cannon, in understanding how the body communicates a special language to us. Her intuitive abilities continue to grow and she is very excited to share and help others to discover and develop their innate, natural abilities.

World renowed past-life regressionist and hypnotherapist, Dolores Cannon, shares her work into The Three Waves of Volunteers and Beyond 2012. The first wave of volunteers that came were the “way showers” and certainly had the most challenging time as they plowed the route those who came after would follow. The second wave act as antennas of energy, their job is to simply exist and affect those around them. Third wave volunteers, many of the children with incredible talents, abilities and memories, are literally the gift to the world. They possess the knowledge and wisdom that will help humanity complete the transition and overcome the many obstacles that lie ahead.

(出典) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qs8T5eA3QMo